This is the list of goals for 2024-2026, if I am elected chair.

  • Support 2024 candidates to the extent possible.
  • Work to focus party on external outreach and membership growth.
  • Enhancing the relationship between national and affiliates.
    • Prioritize fully leveraging existing affiliate services.
    • Expand current affiliate services to encourage and empower membership and activism.
  • Leveraging data to efficiently use existing resources.


I have several key principles to party governance:

  • Party leadership is a responsibility, not a title of nobility.
  • Compliance with the rules, created by our members in convention, is paramount.
  • Address known problems directly and early; don't ignore them.
  • Always look for the most cost-efficient way to accomplish a goal.
  • Everything is data, and data is everything.
  • All politics is local.