My Resume

I have served in multiple roles over the course of 16 years of active involvement. I re-registered in 1998 and officially joined the party in 1999.  This is my Libertarian Party resume.


Libertarian Party
Registered Voter, Member

  • Registered Libertarian in 1998
  • Became National Dues-Paying member in 1999
  • Active member 2006-Present
  • Became Lifetime member of National in 2018


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
Executive Director

  • Appointed June 2022
  • Coordinate directives from Executive Committee between Directors
  • Collect and disseminate institutional knowledge
  • Assist with creating annual budget
  • Training my replacement


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
Membership Review Committee member

  • Elected March 2024. Term ends convention 2026.
  • Position exists to investigate allegations of NAP violations
  • Hopefully never called to act


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
Rules Committee Secretary, Chair

  • Appointed 2019; Re-appointed 2020; Elected at convention in March 2021
  • Committee Secretary 2019-2021
  • Elected Chair by Committee for 2021-2022 and 2022-2023
  • Focus on streamlining rules and reducing overall word count
  • Propose amendments to governing documents
  • Work to reach consensus among various factions in the party
  • Prepare report in readable format
  • Present report in a timely manner in compliance with governing documents
  • Term ended at state convention in March 2024; did not seek re-election


Libertarian National Committee
State CRM System Volunteer

  • Focus on automating back-end processes; efficiency
  • Built and support new back-end infrastructure
  • Finally gave up trying to help when national gave up on the project


Libertarian National Committee
Bylaws Committee Member

  • Appointed in late 2021, re-appointed late 2022
  • Focus on reducing the size of rules
  • Propose structural fixes to National Committee
  • Propose expansion of ethics and transparency provisions
  • Support hardening members' rights
  • Resigned late 2023 due to core differences in vision with committee majority


Libertarian National Committee
Vice Chair

  • Elected at convention in June 2020
  • Focus on Affiliate Support and CRM project
  • Acting Chair for 3 weeks during term
  • Presided 2 of 3 days at national convention
  • Term ended at convention, did not re-seek
Presiding at the National Convention in overtime (photo by Alicia Percell)


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
Affiliate Support Director

  • Appointed March 2022
  • Help spin up and support county parties
  • Promoted to Executive Director in June 2022


Libertarian National Committee
Affiliate Support Committee Member

  • Appointed in September 2020
  • Focus on Affiliate Support and CRM project
  • Term ends at national convention in May 2022


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
Elections Committee Chair

  • Elected to 2-year term in 2019
  • Help prepare nomination rules for 2020 election cycle
  • Propagate rules in a timely manner, in compliance with governing documents
  • Term ended at convention 2021; committee eliminated at convention


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
Information Technology Committee Chair, Director

  • Put together IT Committee with best IT talent of those active in the party (2017)
  • Convert from committee to Director model (2018)
  • Maintain all IT assets for LPKY and provide user support
  • Merge all sources of data and clean up in CRM
  • Training my replacement in the role


Libertarian National Committee
Ballot Access Committee member

  • Temporary appointment from June until September
  • Did not seek re-appointment to committee


Libertarian Party of Kentucky - 4th District
Executive Committee Chair

  • Took over unexpired term of Chair; expired February 2020 (did not seek re-election)
  • Prepared agendas and took minutes for all meetings
  • Ensured minutes published in compliance with governing documents
  • Helped organize multiple outreach events
  • Helped work multiple outreach events including state party events


Libertarian National Committee
Convention Oversight Committee Vice Chair

  • Planned, organized, and executed debate for Chair and Vice-Chair (2018)
  • Helped maintain convention website (2018)
  • Help with A/V for the event (2018, 2020)
  • Built Feldman tribute video on 12-hours notice with Irvine and Nanna (2018)
  • Help with miscellaneous tasks on-site at convention (2018)
  • Help choosing convention app (2020)
  • Help develop ideas to make convention more enjoyable (2020)
  • Help develop ideas on how to raise money to pay for the convention (2020)
  • Built new convention website using CRM project to streamline operations (2020)
  • Term expired August 2020; did not seek re-appointment (but will help)


Libertarian National Committee
Information Technology Committee

  • Fixed leftover issues from previous committee
  • Converted content from previous to new site
  • Helped save LPedia & provide space for spam cleanup
  • Built new email server and created state services
  • Created extensive email server documentation
  • Shut down old services, saved about $25,000 annually
  • Helped create and assist with CRM project
LNC Award
Award for work on Ballot Access and IT. Awarded in November 2017.


Libertarian National Committee
Information Technology "Staff" Volunteer

  • Performed IT Security audit
  • Built and maintain shared email server
  • Built and maintain shared ticket system
  • Helped create Candidate Website project
  • Built and assist with CRM project
  • Built and maintain shared PM system
  • Resigned when declared for Vice Chair
Ken lobbies to keep the CRM Project free for small states at the LNC meeting; December 2018


Moellman Enterprises / NKY Opinions

  • Built Polling Company to assist Libertarians
  • Ran robo-call for 2016 LPKY State Convention notice in-kind to party
  • Sole proprietor; profits used to fund L causes
  • Provided key data for successful Hewitt Campaign


Kyle Hugenberg for State Auditor
Campaign Manager and Treasurer

  • Helped refine messaging
  • Prepared campaign finance reports
  • Successfully worked to meet debate inclusion criteria
  • Met all KREF campaign finance requirements


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
State Party Treasurer

  • Forensic Accounting to file corrected/amended KREF reports
  • Cleaned up LPKY books
  • Donated to cover KREF fines from cleanup process
  • Identify and push to pass $800 annual savings for LPKY
  • Track party assets where known to exist
  • Push to restore Membership rights on Rules Committee
  • Pushed to get people to run for Magistrate where no D/R filed
  • Did not seek re-election


Irvine For Ohio
Campaign Manager

  • Built the campaign structure
  • Obtained TIN and bank account
  • Configured bank accounts and all funding sources (Anedot, PayPal, BitPay)
  • Built and trained the campaign team, leveraged volunteers
  • Ensured materials delivered to donors and supporters
  • Ensured candidate was at as may venues as possible
  • Despite short time as official candidate, 7th-best result in the nation


Libertarian National Committee
Ballot Access Committee Volunteer

  • Finished LPO Ballot Access drive
  • Managed multiple contractors
  • Managed petition validation
  • Helped sort petitions and pull fraudulent signatures
LPO Chair in Liberty Pledger
LP Ohio Chair sent a letter to LP National to recognize Ken's work. Published in "Liberty Pledge" Jan 2019


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
State Party Treasurer

  • Forensic Accounting to find out where all the money went
  • Cleaned up LPKY books
  • Helped clean up mess caused by defunct parties
  • Put together Finance Committee


Libertarian National Committee
Ballot Access Committee Chair

  • Scheduled and held regular meetings
  • Assembled committee with former state chairs who understood ballot access
  • Ran and saved petition drives in multiple states
  • Successfully obtained 50-state access for ticket
Jeopardy! question asked on show airing April 9th, 2020


Libertarian National Committee
Region 3 Alternate Representative

  • Represent the interests of KY, OH, IN, and MI on LNC
  • Resigned due to conflict of interest


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
Judicial Committee

  • Committee to handle any violations of governing documents
  • Committee eliminated; replaced with Arbitration provisions


Organizer, Unofficial Presidential Debates

  • Designed and executed multi-tier Pres/VP debates
  • All candidates allowed to participate
  • Obtained funding through sponsorships/ads
  • Gave LPKY free advertisement ($300 value)
Debate brochure


Libertarian Party of Kentucky

  • Funded and coordinated successful effort to put local candidates on the ballot
  • Funded successful effort to ensure one local candidate won elective office
  • Set up process for State Party leaders to learn how to run petition drive


Liberty Unbridled
Host, Producer

  • Weekly podcast of "soft libertarianism" to bring people to LPKY


Libertarian National Committee
Ballot Access Volunteer

  • Helped successfully complete the massive Oklahoma ballot drive
  • Signature validation and fraud detection


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
State Executive Committee Chair

  • Resumed duties as State Chair
  • Focus on growing affiliate parties (5 District, 5 County Parties)
  • Raised funds for Ballot Access for David Patterson for US Senate
  • Ballot access and organized technical support for David Patterson for US Senate
  • Ballot access for multiple local partisan candidates
  • Arranged legal support for candidates
  • Planned Annual Conventions for 2014 and 2015
  • Set-up and/or volunteered at many outreach events around the state
  • Continued to maintain party IT assets
  • Continued to maintain monthly newsletter mailings
  • Did not seek re-election; focus on growing shared services at National


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
4th District Executive Committee Chair, Convention Committee Chair, Ballot Access Chair

  • Groundwork laid for 3 County Parties
  • Planned State Party and District Party Annual Conventions for 2012 and 2013
  • Ran Gary Johnson 2012 Ballot Access drive
  • Continued to maintain party IT assets
  • Continued to maintain monthly newsletter mailings


Gary Johnson 2012
State Director

  • In charge of all campaign activity in Kentucky
  • Successfully obtained speaking slot for Gary Johnson at Fancy Farm
  • Spoke on behalf of Gary Johnson at Fancy Farm when he could not attend
Ken at Fancy Farm 2012
The first time Libertarians were allowed speak at Fancy Farm, Ken addresses the audience on behalf of Gary Johnson.


Ken Moellman for Kentucky State Treasurer

  • First Executive Branch candidate for LPKY
  • Earned 4.62% of the vote, despite being outspent 200-to-1 and no top-of-ticket
  • Campaign focused on growing the party's ranks and network (D1 formed)
Ken on KET
Ken on KET as a candidate.


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
State Executive Committee Chair

  • Focused on growing party to create Affiliate Parties, once created in Constitution
  • Attended majority of District Party meetings to help guide and mentor
  • Pushed for State Party Dues and Party Voter Registration requirements
  • Worked to get "pragmatic" and "radical" factions to work together
  • Set-up and/or volunteered at many outreach events around the state
  • Worked with other members to build and maintain IT infrastructure
  • Created first LPKY Slate Card for a slate of county candidates in 2014
  • Various capacities on multiple L campaigns; volunteer, treasurer, and manager
  • Established monthly newsletter to members and supporters
  • Saved "Greater Cincinnati Libertarians" meetup - oversaw Hamilton Co split off
  • Built a 5-year plan
  • Planned Annual Conventions for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Negotiated & executed joint convention w LPIN in 2009
  • Assisted with KY Ballot Access drive in 2008
  • Untangled bank account, IRS TIN, and KREF reporting
  • Held Presidential Debate at LPKY State Convention 2008
  • Hosted 2008 "Unofficial Presidential Debate" at National
  • Helped plan Region 3 Convention in 2007 in Dayton, OH
  • Did not seek re-election in 2011; stepped down to run for political office
First Slatecard - 2014


Libertarian Party of Kentucky
4th District Representative

  • Find volunteers and begin to build a 4th District Party before structure codified
  • Push to re-structure party to create affiliate parties


Brian Houillion for Congress
Campaign Manager

  • First campaign in KY to break the "Libertarian 2%"
  • Received 4.9% of the vote while being outspent 10,000-to-1