Live Our Principles

We must show our members and voters that our principles are correct and realistic, and that starts with living our own principles.

Ending the wars

We cannot simultaneously be anti-war and be actively in a civil war within our own party. We must open communication and increase empathy throughout the party to debate and discuss ideas, direction, and strategy. We cannot allow disagreements to become permanent blood-feuds. Step outside of yourself, and both listen to and consider the thought process of others. Start from a framework that the other person is acting in good faith but lacks your life experiences, then follow their logic.  Newer members provide energy and new perspectives. Older members provide experience. Everyone benefits from better communication and healthy debate.

As chair, I will seek to hear from all corners of the party, encourage healthy debate, implement team-building programs, and help build bridges to heal our party.


Our principles call for de-centralization of government, yet our party is far too top-down in its own governance, and the chair is given far too much power. We should seek to be a bottom-up grass-roots organization, with each "higher" level organizational unit existing to provide support with cross-boundary coordination and resource optimization, and protection from abuse of party resources and fundamental membership rights. The party should provide organizational structure focused on empowering activists on the ground, and encourage local activism where so many of our great activists have proven we can be and are effective with the resources available today.

As chair, I will seek the input of all state chairs on all matters, and regularly ask the question, "How does this proposal help state parties help their activists on the ground?"

Integrity and transparency

Our principles are better; so why not the rest of the party? We must hold ourselves to a higher standard. Voters are already programmed by the media to hold anyone outside of the old parties to a much higher standard, so we must meet those standards if we want them to vote for us. It's not good enough to be "like" the old parties, we have to be better.  We must have the accompanying transparency to build trust with voters and with our own members; it's the only way we will ever be successful.

As chair, I will not particpate in ex parte communications to coordinate votes of the LNC, and never give up my personal integrity for some perceived short-term "win".