There's an old adage that says "all politics is local".

There are 3,142 counties in the United States. As a national party, we cannot see the specific issues on the ground in a particular area.  The national office in the DC-area doesn't know the local issues in Smith County, Kansas, or in my own Pendleton County, Kentucky, or anywhere else outside of where the people working in that office actually live. People are best-connected to where they live.

To be successful as a national party, we must be a group of successful local parties.

I believe the National Party should be a service provider for the state parties. It takes only slightly more effort to run a web server for 50 states than it does to run for one state. It takes only slightly more effort to run an email server for 50 states than it does for one state. We can leverage economies of scale to make our state and local parties stronger.

The national party can offer to provide tools the state parties, who can then focus their efforts on growing local parties instead of focusing on maintaining services.

State parties have traditionally either paid thousands of dollars per year to commercial providers, or were trying to maintain data on their own in spreadsheets.  And either way, they still had to worry about merging data from the national party, manage websites with weird interfaces, and they weren't able to reasonably segment that data by county.

States have also struggled with email; either trying to maintain an email server, or paying hundreds of dollars per month, for branded LP email.  Branded LP email is important, because it shows our serious commitment to our cause, but it also can't be a boat-anchor on outreach.

The National Party has built systems over the past 3 years to relieve states of these pains.

Every State Party and its affiliates can take part in the Shared Email services. Every person with an actual role in the party can have a branded email. No extra cost, no extra charge.  Every person who has stepped forward and taken a title of responsibility feels valued.  Every person they meet can see that we're serious.

Every State Party can take part in the State CRM Project. Every state can give segmented access to their region and county leaders and coordinators. Every region and county can have their own branded "page", too. (See example here).

Just two services can save every state party thousands of dollars per year; true affiliate support. And when fully leveraged, these tools won't just save money - they will help your state party grow.

Our goal, as a political party, is to grow libertarianism through electoral politics.

If all politics is local, then from the National Party we can be most effective by providing core support to help find more libertarians and grow our movement locally, all across the US. The national office doesn't know what's going on in Jefferson County, Alabama, but the people who live there do. National can provide the back-end tools to support efforts to grow in your state and county, too.