Why I’m Running

With both my experience and my passion for growth, I believe the best use of my skills and experience is as Vice-Chair of the National Party.

I want to win.  What's winning?  Bringing about more individual human freedom. It is my goal to leave the world with more freedom for my children and yours.  But winning won't come overnight. We must continue to grow, to amplify our message, to have more successes and fewer losses.

I believe that wins will only come through real grassroots growth at the county level.  We're not going to win from DC.  We're going to win when there are enough active Libertarians in your county to stop the next terrible law, and repeal the existing terrible laws. Then we leverage those local wins to get state wins, and then Federal wins.

I have championed, and continue to champion, projects which enable a focus on growing our affiliates, rather than having good advocates being trapped in the "back office". And it's more than just talk - I actively work as a volunteer on the State CRM project every week, and have done so since its inception.

By running for the LNC, my goal is to make sure that affiliate growth a primary priority. It enables our long-term wins.

I have been chair of a state affiliate for 6 years, local affiliate for 3 years, and either chair or vice-chair of a number of national and state committees. I'm familiar with Robert's Rules of Order and can run a meeting, when the chair asks; a primary role of Vice Chair.